2018 VW Polo priced from € 12,975 in Germany, new details released

When a new car dealer is interested in starting a Buy Here Pay Here operation, training is extremely important. BHPH is not just an auto business, it’s also a lending and collections business. If you don’t have the experience, this new car dealer rate will help you find some great sources of education about BHPH. Now, if you are a new car dealer, you have some of the basics of used car market training in the way. The inventory and collections side of the BHPH business, however, is a different story.

If you even think of Buy Here Pay Here, NABD (National Association of BHPH Dealers) is the best place to start. Their national convention in Las Vegas (usually in May) has incredible talent under one roof with exhibitors, speakers, seminars and more. In the more than three days at this meeting, you will get a great idea of ​​what the BHPH world is all about. Their website (www.bhphinfo.com) has a resource section that lists some of the best BHPH providers and sources, as well as upcoming seminars and more for free.

Das nächste, was ich in Betracht ziehen würde, ist eine 20er Gruppe. Als Neuwagenhändler ist das Konzept der 20 Group ein bekanntes. Für BHPH ist es die einzige Sache, die Ihr Unternehmen in ein reibungsloses und profitables Geschäft verwandelt. Die beiden Hauptorganisationen, die BHPH 20-Gruppen betreiben, sind NCM (www.ncm20.com) und Leedom Associates. Die Qualität Ihrer Gruppe hängt von Ihnen, Ihrem Gruppenmoderator und den anderen Mitgliedern Ihrer Gruppe ab. CarBiz hat kürzlich auch 20 Gruppen gegründet.
Zusätzliche Schulungsquellen … Sowohl Leedom als auch CarBiz führen oben Schulungskurse und Seminare für die meisten BHPH-Händler und -Manager durch, vom Anfänger bis zum Experten.

The most important thing to remember is to get the training before starting your business. Once you are open, keep training yourself and your staff.

Charles Pompey is the owner of DigAps.com and Car-Lotta Credit. DigAps.com … Comprehensive Web Sites and Internet Merchandising ONLY for Buy Here Pay Here Merchants. Charley creates results-oriented BHPH websites, improves the performance of existing websites, manages PPC programs, conducts advertising advice, speaks to 20 groups and dealer groups, and is available for individual advice and lectures. DigAps.com receives additional loan applications and sales from your website for the first 30 days!

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